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Neuroscience Research lab follows a sunshine policy; therefore, candor and communication are paramount. The performance of each new person entering the lab is watched for six months, and the tenure in the lab for the entire duration of the project or PhD work is dependent on one’s satisfactory performance. Research staff is expected to observe the confidentiality of research projects and maintain proper lab notebooks and records which is the property of the lab. No experiment is validated until the proper SOP, DRS and log sheets are filled after obtaining these from the GLP staff and returned after the completion of experiments. Any problem or inconvenience must be brought to PI’s knowledge within 24 hrs, in writing. Entry to lab is not restricted to anyone from Institute who must enter in visitor book. Before gaining access. All instruments and reagents can also be used after making entries in logbook, as per rules.

As there are fixed timings for issue of such important material, planning plays a vital role in conducting experiments in GLP mode for which one is expected to draw a master schedule. This is a requirement and apply to all non GLP experiments too. All samples either from invitro, invivo or human sources are received in the acceptance sheet, are coded as per the prescribed master code, aliquoted, archived and a log sheet of sample inventory and its storage map attached at the last page of Raw book for easy access and retrieval in the event the individual is absent. All samples, animals, reagents, GLP sheets and Archive records are got issued from QC incharge and returned after use. All purchases must be initiated by the end user, who must indent it, provide a benchmark and maintain its log sheet after signing the stock register. Its optimal use or expiry is the sole responsibility of the end user or student. A master schedule of activities along with log registers, lab meeting notebooks and literature records, results folder are expected to be periodically updated, indexed and presented at the time of PI discussion time every week. One is expected to attend all the academic activities such as journal clubs, seminars and lab meetings and identify the weekend/vacation duties assigned to each individual all of which is recorded in the Central register maintained by the QC personnel.

Recording entries of movement, attendance and departure are necessitated by a desire to facilitate productivity and conduct Policy research and not to restrict freedom. In addition, the fellows rotate between the animal facility and the molecular diagnostics division for training which can be a great opportunity for learning. For the safety of staff, each individual is expected to undergo fire extinguisher training, evacuation drill and medical emergency response course that is scheduled periodically (usually on Thursdays), apart from taking a short course on Research and Methodology administered by the Department of Experimental Medicine. The other courses such as Yoga, Swachh Bharat etc. and other outdoor activities arranged by the lab are, however, optional. However, ethical clearances for all projects are mandatory and any instance of plagiarism is dealt with zero tolerance as per Institute rules. Before taking academic risk, it is advisable to generate pilot data as per guidelines of IEC, DDC, DC etc. It is advisable to create a skype ID to interface with PI (Akshay) any time one wants to seek guidance, particularly when PI is travelling. Wish lists for performing experiments are typically prepared towards the end of the month for which the items are mentioned in the proforma outside the PI’s chamber anytime through the month. Every first week of the lab meeting one is expected to update the respective inventories to make sure that there is no trouble in locating stuff for conducting experiments. Sumit currently assists in running QC and should be allowed access into your records and inventories for the purposes of GLP. The available computers are meant for academic use and any unwanted activity on any electronic media is periodically retrieved for training and monitoring purposes as well as for adherence to GLP requirements.

One is not expected to share the case sensitive login passwords that have been provided. In the event of malfunctioning of computer, the fellow colleague’s computer can be used by entering the time of use in the sheet to be provided by the person whose computer has been accessed. The IP cameras installed in the lab are intended to encourage overperformers and wean out underperformers. The outsiders are not encouraged to enter the lab without prior permission. We expect the staff to record use of lab resources by making written entry into the log register accompanying the instrument or facility. The lab has maintained the culture of taking of the shoes outside the lab in the Interaction room and each individual is expected to comply this requirement. Food can not be carried inside the lab premise. Replacing the lab paraphernalia to its original place is of paramount importance because this may affect a fellow’s ability to access the resources. Every problem is solved within the lab and therefore the staff is expected to discuss all problems with the PI. Maintaining congenial and interactive atmosphere in this lab is very important. The folks in the lab are very friendly and one should find them helpful. In the event one wants to discuss something urgent or important he/she may contact the PI office to schedule a convenient time for discussion or direct call him at 85-9090 from local extension or 9914209090 or WhatsApp 9815968102 from any independent phone.

Finally, as we are expanding further and acquiring more computers, equipment, pipettes and therefore the staff is expected to be patient until we create more working area for everyone. The lab has already acquired additional space and reorganization may take a couple of months. We have also completed 5 years of uninterrupted Clean India program (Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan) and also provide for free and voluntary Yoga classes for instituting mental hygiene in the lab. This also keeps the environment stress free and is health promoting. These are not compulsory programs. Shortly, we would be installing a new software that will automatically take care of each individual’s performance and compliance through a new portal that is currently under development. We are striving very hard to create a world class environment and this is not possible without cooperation of each of you.