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Integrative Medicine

A series of longitudinal yoga-based research projects are underway, including NMB (Niyantrit Madhumeh Bharat), utilizing the knowledge, skills and expertise gained from animal models discussed above (Int Med Int 2016, 2017, Ann Neuros 2016). These are being implemented in order to test whether various markers and genes, which have been found to be involved in cell survival mechanisms are activated by yogic excercises (SATYAM-DST funded). This is being developed in collaboration with S-VYASA, Patanjali Yogpeeth, IIT Mandi and patient organisations like IAMD, Solan and MDCRC, Coimbatore for effective communication and translation. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMbF_FQkjDs)

The recently launched Yoga project seeks to discover the markers of stem cell mobilization in yoga practitioners versus controls, sampling blood at various time points. Preliminary and unpublished data at 1 month, from recruitment of IYD 2016 yoga volunteers, at the time of PM’s visit to Chandigarh, shows remarkable reduction in LDL and BMI with concomitant increase in HDL and cognitive processing, tested by Trail test. The results have been communicated to Lancet. Similarly, as convener of North Zone of NMB program, led by Dr R Nagarathna (S-VYASA), the results of benefits of yoga intervention in conversion of prediabetes into Diabetes and related cognitive impairment are being compiled. Some of these thoughts on integration have been shared here in social media.