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Nickname: Pooja
Hometown: Shimla, Himachal Pradesh
Graduate School: Himachal Pradesh University Summerhill, Shimla-5
E-mail: nadholtapooja34@gmail.com

How would you explain your research in 3 sentences to someone who is not in Science?

My work is based on Yoga and pregnancy. I am looking at the effect of Yoga on pregnancy outcome(the health of mother and baby) and its effect on Umbilical Cord Blood derived stem cells. I will investigate the potency of stem cells by transplanting them into, mouse model of memory loss.

More about you?

I am honest, forthright and cheerful person. I learn from everything and everyone around me and try my best to implement every lesson learned in my life for self-improvement. Self-assesment always help me to do better in my life. I love travelling, dancing, gyming and Yoga.

About your work?

We have designed a Pregnancy Yoga protocol for pregnant women in  2nd and 3rd trimester by consulting Yoga experts. We will provide Yoga intervention to recruited participate and effect of Yoga will be analysed  on pregnancy outcome and on stem cells by transplanting them into animal model of memory loss. Results will be compared between Yoga group (with intervention) and control group (without intervention) .