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GLP Compliant

“Good Laboratory Practices (GLP)” has been developed to enhance quality standards, increase credibility, efficiency and transparency to facilitate research data reproducibility, audit control, document control, improving purchase, accounting procedures, human resource management and delivery of patient care diagnostic services in Neuroscience Research Lab.

Our implementation of GLP transcends mediocrity thereby redefining quality standards in basic research endeavors in public funded institutes, particularly medical institutions. Our module of GLP is central theme of the larger research model without which no basic research or diagnostic procedure is operationalized. Implementation of GLP incorporates generation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for each methodology (whether technical or administrative) which are edited and followed by research personnel at the behest of quality assurance or document controller, who also regulates adherence and compliance to SOP in a periodic fashion.

This is done through the control of Data Recording Sheets (DRSs) to respective research personnel without which no experiment is initiated. Our module of GLP, has increased visibility and productivity of research funded by various funding agencies. We are proud to announce ourselves as GLP COMPLIANT.